Creating a Culture of Sustainability in Schools, Colleges, and the Community

We will help you figure out:

1) What kinds of programs you want to bring into your classroom or school–one hour assemblies, ongoing classroom work, inside or outside projects,–what type of content you want to incorporate; conserving resources such as energy, waste, and water, working in gardens, local agriculture, etc.

2) Where to find the dynamic curriculum that will meet your criteria

3) What kind of support you need to carry these projects out – background information, training for teachers and/or parents/administration, direct teaching in the classroom.


You will have at your fingertips the latest and richest resources in sustainability curriculum, and the knowledge you need to teach these concepts in your classroom, and throughout the school.

Lessons Learned

We have worked with schools districts in San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda, and Marin Counties, and thousands of teachers within the U.S. There is no one perfect solution for teachers and therefore, we customize our programs individually. We will come to you with questions, ideas, and suggestions, and help you craft the programs you need to transform your school culture.

“As co-chair of the K12 sub-committee of the CPUC’s Workforce Education Task Force, Sandy did a great job of reaching out to the appropriate stakeholders, coordinating the group, and focusing the meetings on relevant topics.”
~ Chris Graillat, Workforce Development, California Energy Commission


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