Greening Schools K-12


School or District Programs:
Greening Schools

We work with teams of students, teachers, administrators, parents and community members to identify and carry out sustainability initiatives at schools.  Our process takes you from big ideas to small details and back.


Examples of work products include:

  • Sustainability plan design and tracking
  • Green Team coaching
  • Creating district-wide policies
  • (e.g. energy, waste, procurement)
  • Curriculum development linked to core standards
  • Habitat Restoration, School Gardens, Zero Waste

“Schools could really use Sustainability Plans.  They seem to be going at this in an unorganized fashion.  They need the step-by-step assessment and implementation plans that Sandy has in place.
– Kim Scheibly, Outreach and Communications Manager, Marin Sanitary Service



High School Internship Programs

GreenUp Learning’s purpose is to inspire the next generation of climate leaders.

We’ll help you design a green job training and placement program for students at your school. Prior programs demonstrate they give students a leg up in resume building for getting into college and long-term employment in the green workforce.



Examples of work products include:

  • Identifying and Setting up Green Business Placements for Internships
  • Internship Policy Templates and Manual
  • Training Program for Internship

“Sandy was instrumental in the successful use of ARRA stimulus funds to serve at risk youth. With her thoughtful planning and hard work, youth with significant barriers were introduced to green careers and gained valuable work experience.”
~ Racy Ming, Director, County of Marin Workforce Investment Board